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Welcome to Aurora Window Cleaning

We provide window cleaning in Sydney specialising in residential, commercial, strata and industrial window cleaning.

Let's face it, there are demands on your time that make chores like window cleaning impossible even dangerous.

Our professional window cleaners are committed to meeting your needs safely using the latest tools and environmentally friendly solutions. Why do we go to all that trouble? We love what we do! We pride ourselves on giving you the best results at a competitive price.

What else do we do?

  • Cleaning of window frames, sills and flyscreens
  • Cleaning of ballustrades
  • Cleaning of skylights
  • Cleaning of solar panels

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Why regular window cleaning is important?

The most important reason is to maintain and increase the value of your investment. Windows are exposed to the elements such as

  • Hard Water - water with high mineral contents as a result of passing through deposit of limestone or chalk
  • Oxidation - glass is stained by metallic objects such as rusted window frames or fly screens
  • Pollutants from cars and construction sites
  • Salt spray escpecially along harbour and beachside properties
  • Over spray from paint, silicon or other similar building products
  • Flora and Fauna

Exposure to such elements is not an issue but if the glass is not cleaned for a prolonged period, it will result in permanent damage. Windows that have reached this state will often need glass restoration or total replacement which carries signifcant cost in comparison to regular window cleaning.

The state of a premises windows has a subliminal impact on its value and so astute home owners and real estate agents recommend window cleaning when a property is being advertised for sale, auction or rental. Shiny and sparkling windows improves the curb appeal of a property because it looks new, bright and clean instead of damp, mouldy and unkept. When windows are well maintained potential buyers will subconsciously start seeing potentials instead of dwelling on liabilities.

Commercial property owners create professional business image by hiring our company to service their front of house. Additionally, clean windows creates the perfect slate in maximising the impact of a business marketing strategies.

Scheduling a regular window cleaning reduces your energy bill. A survey of Australian household indicate that on average 40% of household energy use is attributed to heating and cooling. The strong corelation between weather, electricity consumption and your power bill becomes more apparent in winter. The reason why you pay more in winter is because the amount of electricity you use for heating is considerably more than cooling and if you have dirty windows this will reduce the FREE heat of the sun from naturally warming up your home. Considering the ever increasing cost of utilities, it makes good financial sense to ensure that funds are not wasted on unnecessary electricity consumption.

Last but not least, you get to enjoy the unobstructed views whilst entertaining your family and friends or alternatively your Sunday afternoon moments of solitude and dare we say reflection!

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