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About Aurora Window Cleaning

Aurora Window Cleaning provides professional window cleaning for residential, commercial, strata and industiral clients in the Sydney metropolitan area.

We started in 2007 in Neutral Bay and ever since we have been looking after well over three hundred regular clients ranging from shopping centers to automoblie show rooms and residential properties.

The key to our success - a relentless dedication to quality. We get a buzz from a job well done and making our customers happy. We take advantage of the latest in window cleaning technology and technique to produce the best results. Our operators are trained to achieve that objective without compromising on safety.

Neither do we compromise on tools or window cleaning solutions. Achieving professional finish requires professional tools. Our operators are skilled at utilising both pure water system and traditional applicator and squeegee method to clean windows. What solution do we use? We use biodegradable Titan product which is environmentally friendly and kind on the hands.

If you would like to know more check out our Aurora Window Cleaning FAQ page here.

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