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Window Cleaning FAQs

How much do you charge to clean windows?

It depends on how many windows you have. The other factors to consider are the type of windows, when they were last cleaned and access requirements. To give you the most accurate price we visit onsite and give you a free quote. Top

Do you clean flyscreens?

Yes, we do. It is best to clean the windows and flyscreen together because dirty flyscreens can render clean windows dirty again especially if it rains. Top

How do I pay?

We accept cheque, bank transfer or cash. Top

Will you give me a tax invoice?

Yes. We can either send a paper copy or email one to you. Top

Are you covered by insurance?

Yes. AWC is covered by a Public Liability Insurace and should a certifcate of currency be required we can provide a copy. Top

What if it rains?

We have no problems cleaning in the rain because rain water is the best window cleaning solution you can use. Provided that dirt, dust or grime have been removed from the glass and frames beforehand rain water will evaporate leaving you with clean windows. However, if you want to postpone we are more than happy to arrange that for you. Top

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